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Pain Management: What to do when you have muscle aches & stiffness

By Omron Admin - Feb 15, 2017

Do I need to visit the doctor for muscle aches?

For many people, dealing with muscle aches and stiffness does not always necessitate a trip to the doctor. There are several measures that one can do to alleviate the pain. Some of the pain management methods include home treatments that ease muscle discomfort due to tension, overuse or injuries.

Muscle Ache Treatment At Home

There are different ways of treating muscle pain at home. Many of the muscle ache treatment options are easy to execute 100-105 300-101 and require a minimal amount of effort. When you get muscle pain due to injuries, overuse or misuse of muscles, a good pain management primer includes resting the part of your body that is experiencing muscle pain.

Apply ice to tackle pain from acute/ new injuries

Apply ice to tackle acute/new injuries.

Drug-Free Solution: Ice versus Heat Application Method

Muscle ache treatment can also be all-natural, depending on the type of muscle pain you have. Pain management can be as simple and safe as applying ice right onto the affected area, which will relieve acute injuries and bring down the inflammation. It is important to ice the affected area immediately, while the inflammation has not had a chance to flare up.

The use of heat is usually good for chronic pain or muscle stiffness. Heat application is necessary to help to stimulate blood flow. Improved blood circulation helps to repair the injured muscle faster and relieve joint pain.

Muscle pain can greatly benefit from gently stretching the muscles in the proper way

Muscle pain can greatly benefit from gently stretching the muscles in the proper way.

Movement Dos and Don’ts for Muscle Pain

Muscle ache treatment and pain management also involve conscious and careful thinking about the way you move around. That would provide relief and prevent pain from worsening. Muscle pain can greatly benefit from gently stretching the muscles in the proper way (considering particular movement, frequency and amount of tension). Try out this series of exercises to relieve the lower back pain that you might have! 

Avoid physical activities of high impact in nature such as running and weightlifting sessions. You should only resume such activities when the muscle pain has gone away.

Pain management through meditation and yoga

Relieve muscle pain with yoga/meditation.

Give Your Muscles a Break

Ample time to rest is also a key component of pain management and muscle ache treatment. This allows your muscles to be fully restored.

Some types of muscle pain and strain can also benefit from stress-relieving activities like yoga and meditation. The exercises and stress-busting techniques required in these types of activities can help increase blood flow and oxygen to your body. This can further help in restoring your muscles back to their best condition.

Doctor examining patient's shoulder

Don’t suffer in silence if the pain lingers!

When Muscle Pain Requires Doctor’s Assistance

While many people are lucky that their muscle pain can be treated with simple pain management techniques, others might have to see a doctor in order to better address their pain, in particular for their back pain. Even with these muscle ache treatment suggestions, not all types of muscle pain are harmless. Seeing a doctor is important as one can check that there are no underlying causes for the muscle pain. Some reasons to see a doctor include:

  • Persistent pain even after several days of muscle ache treatment at home
  • Intense muscle pain that suddenly arises, especially if there is no clear cause
  • Muscle pain accompanied by rashes
  • Muscle pain that is followed by tick bites
  • Muscle pain along with swelling or redness
  • Aches, pain and discomfort right after the change in medication that you currently take
  • Pain that comes with elevated body temperature

When muscle pain happens due to injury from exercises or because you were just a bit clumsy, it pays to know these effective pain management techniques. You will be in a better position to know how to address the situation and what to do to get your body back in shape!

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