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How to prevent chronic lung diseases in toddlers

By Omron Admin - Nov 29, 2016
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Chronic lung diseases are one of the death-causing conditions that you should seriously take into consideration, especially if you have older toddlers. Most toddlers have respiratory conditions mainly because their immune system is not fully developed and infection can easily get through their body. Thus it is essential to know how to prevent chronic lung diseases from affecting toddlers.

There are some children who are naturally born with lungs that are not developed because of prematurity, while there are others who are born with a lung condition. Most respiratory illness in toddlers are long-term conditions. So, if you have older toddlers in your house, regardless whether or not they have a respiratory condition, here are some ways to prevent them from developing the same.

Boy inhaling medication due to asthma

Understand what can trigger your kids to have respiratory issues

Get rid of triggers

Triggers can make their situation worse. So as much as possible, do everything you can in order to avoid them. Triggers can be found anywhere—it may be indoor or outdoor. If you have a pet, do not let them near your child. Keep away certain foods that serve as a trigger for kids with respiratory problems as well as household products, medicines and moulds that are prohibited from them. You might want to explain it to your child so that they’ll grow up preventing the triggers.

Healthy diet and nutrition

Healthy diet and nutrition matter

Prepare a healthy diet and nutrition

You have to make sure that your child is ready and equipped preventing chronic lung diseases by providing the right diet and nutrition that they need. You should be cautious if your child is obese because it can lead to respiratory problems. Educate yourself with the foods that their body needs and the nutrition required in order to fight potential infections and make sure that you always serve it on their daily meals.

Healthy environment with clean air helps in respiratory care

Healthy environment with clean air helps in respiratory care

Provide an environment with no air pollution

As much as possible, provide an environment with no air pollution for your child. Harmful particles in a polluted air can be extremely dangerous when inhaled and it can also worsen the respiratory condition of your child if there’s any. Children with asthma trigger an attack if they have been in an environment with high level of air pollution. More and more toddlers are suffering from bronchitis and cough because of the polluted air.

Washing the hands of toddlers can help preventing potential infections that might enter their body

Washing the hands of toddlers can help preventing potential infections that might enter their body

Washing their hands

You have to make sure that toddlers make it a habit to wash their hands every now and then. This will help in lessening the potential respiratory infections. You can even let them bring a sanitizer before you sent them to school if you want just to make sure that their hands are always clean.

Vaccination helps to protect your child from potential infections

Vaccination helps to protect your child from potential infections

Get your child vaccinated

As early as possible, you should get your child vaccinated in order to help them prevent respiratory infection and chronic lung diseases. You can inquire to your healthcare provider for information about the vaccines in your local area. It will serve as a protection to your child for potential infections.

Regular exercise improves respiratory health in toddlers.

Help them in staying active

Your child could be energetic at times but most of the time they just wanted to sleep and play. You could encourage them in staying active by introducing them to different sports that they could play and play with them. It is highly advisable because it stretches their lungs. Children who do not tend to stay active fail to utilize the bottom part of their lungs, making them a pathway for infection.

Keep your child away from people who smoke

Keep your child away from people who smoke

Ensure toddlers stay away from people who smoke

Keep your child away from people who smoke. It’s the worst if parents themselves are smoking but it’s not too late to quit. Just make sure that your household members do not smoke if you have a little kid running around. This will help prevent chronic lung diseases.

Keep your equipment clean

Maintain proper hygiene for your kids' medical equipments

Always keep the equipment clean

If your child is using medical equipment for his/her respiratory condition, make sure that you do not let others use the same. Equipment such as metered dose, mouthpiece, oxygen cannula and nebulizer tubing should be used by your child only and no one else.

Wear a mask when not well

Wear a mask when not well

Make toddlers wear a mask when they are outside

If you can’t help bringing your child outside, especially in places that are under construction—let them wear a mask in order to avoid inhaling irritants that could enter their lungs. If you don’t have a mask, you can simply use a handkerchief to cover their nose and mouth.

Free of allergen to protect children toddlers

Make your house an allergen-free environment to protect toddlers

Make your home free from allergens and triggers

Providing a home that is free from allergens and triggers is what your child needs, in preventing chronic lung diseases. Instead of using oil-based paint, opt for water-based paint in order to prevent volatile organic compounds that are harmful for their respiratory health. There are also cleaning products that can be harmful for their lungs such as ammonia and bleach so make sure that you choose the home-cleaning products carefully.

Prevention for chronic lung diseases for your child isn’t that hard if you just educate yourself with the right things to do and hazardous risks to avoid. In that way, you will be able to assure that your child’s respiratory health is improved and can combat conditions that could render their health at risk.

Not a toddler any more? Here are 8 habits that can help you prevent chronic lung diseases.

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