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Revamping your Lifestyle for Weight Management: 9 Ways to Do it

By Philip Fenton - Sep 08, 2016

If you have decided to commit to a weight management plan, congratulate yourself. This desire to change by living a healthy life is certainly commendable. But after doing that, the next thing you should work on is a plan that will allow you to stick to your guns for as long as possible – your entire life, perhaps. Changes for weight loss and weight management will require some lifestyle changes. The earlier you begin, the easier it will be for you to transition to living a healthy life.

1. Out with the old, in with the new 

Your new commitment to living a healthy life starts with taking stock of what’s in your pantry. Identify the food items that complement your weight management diet plan, and take out the ones that don’t. Don’t throw those that are not complementary to your diet plan. Rather, donate everything to a soup kitchen either in the form of cooked meals or dry ingredients.

2. Familiarize yourself

Living a healthy life means knowing where the right resources are. Changes for weight loss are easier if you are familiar with the places that sell nutritious foods, like the healthy section of the supermarket that you visit regularly. Make an inventory of what they have, then look for healthy dishes that use the same ingredients so you have a legit reason to shop for their healthy food items.

3. Make room for exercise

Changes for weight loss will be more apparent if you complement your new (and healthy) kitchen and cooking habits with lots of physical activity. But before you plunk down a year’s membership at the gym, why not explore free ways to get moving? Biking, having a evening run around the block, and following an online exercise video are all great movement activities that will work well with your weight management plans – and are real cheap, too.

4. Find your tribe

They say you are the equivalent of the five people you spend the most time with, so if all your friends are junk food junkies then chances are you might be one, too. You’re not being asked to end friendships; rather, living a healthy life is also about connecting with people who are into the same mindset as you. These people will not only be your cheerleaders as you commit to changes for weight loss, but will also be real and useful support for knowing what other things you can try and having ready and willing individuals that will join you in your new healthy living endeavors from time to time.

5. Get your sleeping routine right

Part of good weight management is getting enough sleep, so it is essential that you work on your sleeping routine until it becomes a habit for you to sleep early and wake up early, well-rested and refreshed. If your schedule is erratic, it doesn’t mean you can say good-bye to living a healthy life. Your next step is to master the art of power napping when you can in order to rack up some high quality sleep points to make up for the ones you skipped out of.

6. Make your home conducive to living a healthy life

It’s hard to exercise and plan for delicious and nutritious meals when your home is in disarray or lacking the space and tools to do so. Changes for weight loss can also mean some significant changes in your home. For example, clear up your living room or your spare bedroom so you have space to do some home-based exercises. In addition, all that home revamping would already jump start your efforts to living healthy because you’ve already burned calories getting your home in shape for living a healthy life!

7. Put a stop to some bad habits

Smoking, drinking, midnight snacking on potato chips… these are things that really put a damper on your weight management plan. For some, these are ways to reduce stress or engage in much-deserved downtime. However, the long-term harmful effects on your body and health are too concerning. You might not be able to quit cold turkey, but at the very least you should cut down slowly until you find yourself not needing to turn to these bad habits anymore.

8. Get ready your alternatives moves

Gather some alternatives or backup tactics for times when the mood to engage in these unhealthy habits strikes. For example, if you feel like munching on some potato fries, head to the bathroom and brush your teeth because the minty feeling in your mouth can help stop the cravings. Or if you feel like getting some stress off your back, light up an aromatherapy candle and focus on ridding yourself of stress with a light massage and essential oils.

9. Work your way towards some new goals

The big picture that drives your weight management plan and desire to live a healthy life must be really good in so many ways to keep you going. Envision it, make a dream board, and constantly refer to it. If you’ve always wanted to be confident in anything you wear (as one of the positive changes for weight loss), make it your goal to shop for a new wardrobe when you lose your belly fats and gain some muscle. If one of your dreams is to be sociably active on the weekends engaged in a variety of activities (such as playing tennis at the court one weekend and catching some waves through surfing the next), make it a point to develop enough strength to endure and have fun in these sporty activities that will eventually become next to normal for you.

Living a healthy life is part weight management and part switching up your lifestyle in order to accommodate new and good-for-you practices. When you act upon these changes for weight loss and a healthy life, you will find that you do not only look good but also feel good and, most important of all, live good.

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